The Place To Be...


(BYB) is a representation of a young contemporary and eco-friendly​ restaurant.

Every element used in that​ restaurant is recycled or is a form of waste that is not used anymore. It might be hard to believe that waste can be stylish, but when creating BYB, there was never any question of compromising its elegance or stylish interiors. On the contrary, its dark layout along with its creative use of the “no longer beneficial” items leaves you amazed by how small details can make a huge difference.

From empty gas bottles as chairs to empty glass bottles as lamps, BYB will definitely catch your eye. The combination of pop art on the walls and the metallic & recycled junk on the floors, along with hyped-up music will make you feel young, fresh, and ready to take life by storm.

BYB will be the perfect place to wind down after work or chill after a long day. It can be your perfect choice for both a romantic date and a wild friend gathering.

So if you feel like stepping into another dimension with crazy stuff hanging around you and energetic music playing in the background while enjoying the perfect drink, visit us at Back yard


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